Danelec Marine VDR system enables shipboard recording of critical navigation data and bridge information in a simple and efficient manner in compliance with the MSC. 333(90) and IEC 61996-1(ed. 2) standards, allowing post-incident investigations and remote monitoring of shipboard equipment for optimization of vessel operation.

The Danelec Marine DM100 has a lower total cost of ownership as customers benefit from SWAP Technology™ that minimize the system downtime without necessarily keeping spare parts on-board as well as the eService™ platform that guarantees consistent shipboard service delivery which maintains the Voyage Data Recorder in a compliant state at all time. The Danelec DM100 also offers a lightweight design and cost savings replacement of older VDR with the product’s lifetime support from Danelec Marine.

We have also been audited and approved by the RINA classification society, a member of the IACS group, to perform Annual Performance Testing of the Danelec Voyage Data Recorder that includes the DM 100 DM200, DM300,  DM400 and DM500 systems and we hold stock of Danelec spare parts to effect product maintenance in line with the company’s service policy to guarantee service quality and satisfaction.