Kelvin Hughes is a manufacturer of radar systems with multi-application capabilities and advanced signal processing features to meet the detection requirements at sea and on shore with clear and intelligible targets definition in all sea states and weather conditions.

In fulfillment of the newest performance requirement for shipborne radar system for merchant and offshore vessels, Kelvin Hughes network enabled navigational radar delivers improved performance with enhanced safety features such as Enhanced Target Definition(ETD) and route planning, as options,  to provide collision avoidance at sea and passage planning. It completes the SharpEye Solid-State S-band transceiver engineered to operate with patented pulse sequencing and upmast signal processing for superior sea/rain clutter management as well as the Magnetron-based 12kW X-band transceiver for safer navigation.

We are the leading supplier of integrated bridge system – ECDIS, ARPA, Conning station – for merchant and offshore vessels from Kelvin Hughes  for over 10 years, delivering full product line support and spare parts for the MantaDigital single-core systems of Radar, ECDIS and VDR systems for  merchant vessels, Shore Based System for coastal stations and offshore oil installation platform, and surveillance systems for the Navy.