JRC is one of the longest serving manufacturing partner of Inmarsat with innovative solutions to enhance connectivity via satellite to meet the need for communication on the vessel and promote safety at sea. The crew benefit from the reliable communication system for shipboard operation while ship owners earn an advantage of streamlining business processes vial the Ship – Shore link.

The JUE-87 is a mobile satellite communication system for distress and safety communication with a simple user interface for sending and receiving messages, including commercial and operational messages. The system is able to receive broadcast international safety and commercial service messages through the Enhanced Group Calling (EGC) feature and functions as a Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) to improve maritime security.

The JUE 251 and JUE 501 FleetBroadband system brings reliable high-speed data connectivity and voice communication on-board, suppoorting SMS and fax messaging, in a unique lightweight design that is easy to setup. The seamless high-speed data connectivity via inmarsat also enables electronic and paper charts update as well as software updates for other shipboard equipment, including Multi Functional Display, to be delivered at sea

The MF/HF and VHF radiotelephone systems from JRC are capable of voice and Digital Selective Calling (DSC) for quick and reliable communication of distress, urgent, safety and routine messages with other ships and coast stations. the MF/HF system includes the JSS-2150/2250/2500 includes the 6 distress channels watch-keeping as standard and the JHS-770S/780D VHF system is extendable up to 5 controllers for covering various ship location with efficient communication.